Add credibility to your
goose control program

Facilities across North America prefer to hire professional handlers using certified Goosedogs to ensure the safety and humane removal of protected Canada Geese. With so many choices in the market, a North American Goose Dog Association certification will prove you and your dogs are worth working with.


Our Handlers are trusted by big brands across North America

NAGA certified handlers and dogs are the top of the line in the Goosedog industry. Big names across the US and Canada are happy knowing their goose control solutions are effective, humane, and backed by the NAGA seal of approval. Don’t take our word for it! Just ask them.


Safe and Humane goose control methods that everyone can support

Our goose control techniques are approved by the USDA Wildlife Service and the US Fish & Wildlife service. They are also endoresed by the Humane Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Most of our member handlers carry informative literature about our methods on every visit to your property to educate any curious bystander.

See why it is essential to work with a certified goosedog and handler

Unskilled handlers present can present significant legal liability if their goose control efforts harm birds. Using trained handers and certified dogs can prevent death or injury to members of this protected species. It is essential that your goose problems be handled in the most professional and safe way possible. A NAGA certification will assure you that the dogs and handlers have been through rigorous training and certification process.

Certified Handlers

Our Certified Handler program has multiple training levels, covering everything from Intern to Master Dog Trainers. A proper handler certification from NAGA can add an extra layer of credibility to goosedog handlers and trainers who want to stand above their unqualified competition

Learn more about our Handler Certifications here.

Certified Goosedogs

Not every border collie makes a good Goosedog. A seal of approval from NAGA means that your dog has passed an important threshold and stands above the rest a well trained goose chasing professional. Our certification lets you know that the dog you are buying or selling is worth every penny!

Learn more about our Goosedog Certification here