4 Industry Training Levels

Intern Handler
  • Must work under the supervision of a Level 2 Handler
  • Pass the 100 question written test on goose biology and handling skills
  • Only approved to work with Professional Certified Goosedogs on sites
Certified Handler
  • One year as an Intern Handler
  • Pass the Goosedog Handler test
  • Qualified to handle Professional and started dogs on site
  • Send in online video of working your dog on several sites
Goosedog Trainer
  • 3 years as a Certified Handler
  • Qualified to handle all levels of Goosedogs on site
  • Have 3 dogs trained by the handler pass all levels of Goosedog Certification
  • Certified to sell trained Goosedogs
Goosedog Certification Master
  • Pass the extensive training program for Goosedog Certification
  • Able to certify dogs for NAGA
  • Able to test for Exemplary Citizen Program
  • Put on clinics for certification and training

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January 12-14
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May 11-13
$450 per handler (Includes 1 dog certification)
$50 per additional dog
Group Discounts
Charlotte, NC
Will travel for groups of 3 or more

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    Meet our Handlers and Trainers

    Rebecca Gibson

    Certification Master

    Fly Away Goose Control - Charlotte, NC

    (704) 975-2575

    Rebecca began training dogs in her childhood and after graduating college she used her talents to begin Flyaway Geese. Flyaway Geese has been a force in the wildlife management industry for 20 years, trusted to perform not only wildlife management but to provide fully trained dogs for military bases, airports, corporate facilities and hundreds of golf courses. She formed the NAGA to set the standard in the industry for goose management.

    Barbara Ray

    Goosedog Trainer

    Seclusival Farm and Kennel - Millboro, VA

    (540) 997 5661

    Barbara Ray trained and sold her first dog in 1987, and has since trained and placed 1,500 Goosedogs with happy customers across the US. A veteran and champion working border collie handler, Barbara has served on the boards of the VBCA, the USBCHA, and the ABCA. She is passionate about finding fantastic homes and jobs for her high-quality Goosedogs.

    Cyndy Douan

    Certified Handler

    Goose Movers by Georgia Dog Gym LLC - Rome, GA

    (706) 378-2275

    Cyndy Douan, MHDL, PDTI, is an IACP Hall of Fame Member, world ranked sport dog competitor, and 27 year dog training veteran. Cyndy’s Certified Goosedogs have traveled the country performing with her and are uniquely suited ambassadors to help introduce Goose Control to your staff and visitors to your property.

    Gordon Ligon

    Certified Handler

    Goodbye Geese - Detroit, Michigan

    (406) 203 2526

    Gordon co-owns and operates Goodbye Geese, a goose control service based in Detroit Michigan. The son of industry pioneer Barbara Ray, Gordon spent his formative years training and handling Goosedogs in Virginia. Look him up if you ever need a bird chased off of a Michigan property.

    Kelli Fallon

    Certified Handler

    Taking Flight Goose Control - Sharon, MA

    (617) 460-0635

    Kelli and T.J. Fallon own and operate Taking Flight Goose Control, offering Goose and Turkey Control services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We pride ourselves on offering quality service at an affordable price. We are on-site at each of our properties with our dogs that we consider part of our family. We are not a franchise and will always guarantee personal customer service and satisfaction!

    Nichole Cross

    Certified Handler

    Goodbye Geese - Detroit, MI

    (406) 240 1833

    Nichole works with Goodbye Geese using her special background in SME marketing and business operations. She handles much of the administrative and operational load, while also spending time every day working and handling border collies on site. If you live in Michigan and need to push geese off of your property, don't hesitate to give Nichole a call.

    Christy Bierema

    Certified Handler

    First in Flight - Pittsboro, NC


    Christy has excelled in the sport dog world as a talented handler for the last 20 years. She uses her vast knowledge of animals to guide her in training these great dogs. Now she turns her teams focus to goose management! This match has produced great dogs, unparalleled customer service, and efficacy in the Raleigh Durham area!

    Nick Donaldson

    Certified Handler

    Goose Duty - Rome, GA


    Nick brings a new level to everything he does, from sheep dog trialing to goose management. Nick's drive and determination are immeasurable. Nick takes his duty very seriously performing goose control. His company Goose Duty is providing services in the Atlanta GA area.

    Amy Stoker

    Certified Handler

    Mile High Goose Control - Denver, CO

    (303) 883-5014

    Amy Stoker owns and operates Mile High Goose Control that services the front range in Colorado. Her formal education in Wild Life Management and love of border collies have come together to help provide a safe atmosphere for Colorado citizens and the growing population of resident geese. Her company provides an affordable solution for commercial, city and residential properties. Call them today for a prompt effective solution.

    Chad Beane

    Certified Handler

    Top Flight Goose Control - South Pines, NC


    Chad is a professional in every way. He brings a business and leadership perspective to Top Flight Goose Control. Chad has an amazing talent with animals and uses that along with his business sense to offer you quality customer service and results you can count on in the Southern Pines, Pinehurst area of NC.

    Lydia Ryan

    Certified Handler

    Fly Away Goose Control - Charlotte, NC

    Hi my name is Lydia. I have been around Border Collies my entire life. I have been a Flyaway Geese team member since its founding, though it became more official when I turned 16. I have had a hand in training some of the top goose chasing dogs in the country and now have the joy of doing what I love in the greater Charlotte area.

    Vince Cunningham

    Certified Handler

    AAAC Wildlife Removal of Kentucky


    Vince Cunningham is an expert Wildlife Removal specialist operating out of the state of Kentucky. Vince began offering Goosedog hazing services in 2019 and has since grown into the top goosedog handler in the Bluegrass State.

    Jim Adams

    Certified Handler

    AAAC Wildlife Removal of Mobile & Pensacola

    (251) 250-0867

    Jim Adams owns and operates AAAC Wildlife Removal of Mobile and Pensacola. He has extensive Wildlife Control experience, and specializes in the control of geese and muscovy ducks using his dog Taz.

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