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Handler Certification Levels

Intern Handler
  • Must work under the supervision of a Level 2 Handler
  • Pass the 100 question written test on goose biology and handling skills
  • Only approved to work with Professional Certified Goosedogs on sites
Certified Handler
  • One year as an Intern Handler
  • Pass the Goosedog Handler test
  • Qualified to handle Professional and started dogs on site
  • Send in online video of working your dog on several sites
Goosedog Trainer
  • 3 years as a Certified Handler
  • Qualified to handle all levels of Goosedogs on site
  • Have 3 dogs trained by the handler pass all levels of Goosedog Certification
  • Certified to sell trained Goosedogs
Goosedog Certification Master
  • Pass the extensive training program for Goosedog Certification
  • Able to certify dogs for NAGA
  • Able to test for Exemplary Citizen Program
  • Put on clinics for certification and training

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Goosedog Certification Levels

Beginner Goosedog

A Beginner Goosedog exhibits the following traits

  • Stalking movement when birds are present (tail down and head down with no barking)
  • Herding Instinct
  • Pursues birds when released
Started Goosedog

A Started Goosedog exhibits the following traits

  • All of the Beginner Goosedog traits
  • Recall when birds are not directly in front of it
  • Lie down
  • Swims
  • Walks on a leash
Professional Goosedog

A Professional Goosedog exhibits the following traits

  • All of the Started Goosedog traits
  • Right and left flank commands
  • Recall with little correction on birds
  • Redirect to different groups of birds
  • Ability to herd birds on the ground without disturbing the birds
Exemplary Goosedog

An Exemplary Goosedog exhibits the following traits

  • All of the Professional Goosedog traits
  • Friendly toward strangers
  • Sits and waits politely
  • Lie down and stay capability
  • Calm reaction to other dogs
  • Not easily distracted from handler